Offering the finest, 100% natural, smoking and tea blends. Including: Leaf base blends, herbal rolling blends and herb leaf and flower combinations. We were the first in the industry to offer all herbal flower blends and the first to use many now popular ingredients in herbal smoking blends. To our return customers, welcome back and thank you for your business.

For people new to our site and products, here are some facts about the benefits we offer our customers:

  1. We have been the leader in gourmet herbal smoke for 20 years.
  2. Our natural products have a proven record of safety and have not shown to be habit forming. Ending habitual smoking can have major health benefits.
  3. The majority of our business comes from satisfied return customers or referrals: money saved on the cost of advertising is put into product quality and passed on to our customers.
  4. Our only concern is what we provide our customers: Premium smoking blends that are the best available products for sale anywhere or at any price. Rated #1 in high product quality by experienced smokers.
  5. Time tested herbal products: 90% of the herbal blends we offer have been on the market since 1999.
  6. Huge inventory and state of the art order processing and shipping facility – 99.9% of all orders are in stock and shipped the same or next business day. Fastest shipping in the industry hands down.
  7. Best possible price: we strive to provide the absolute highest quality products while constantly working to increase efficiency.
  8. Free Shipping on orders over $35.00!
  9. Clean, fresh, natural herbal alternatives – only our herbal smoking blends contain high quality strains of smoking herbs, processed using our patent pending techniques to remove sticks & stems and create a uniform gourmet smoking experience. Quality like this is simply not available at any other shop.
  10. Absolute privacy policy: we will never give out our legal customers information to anyone or contact them after the order has been completed.

Thank you for visiting our site! If you have any questions or comments, about herbal smoking or tea blends, please feel free to contact us. For additional information on herbal blends, whether your interest is in smoking blends or tea blends, have a look at our blog. For those who enjoy a smooth, relaxing smoke – there are many thoroughly enjoyable and non addicting herbal alternatives. You can be assured our gourmet smokable tea blends contain no additives, synthetic ingredients or preservatives.

* New * We are now shipping to all of Europe, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Bermuda and Israel. At this time we are only able to accept payments for international orders through PayPal. Please go to ordering for more information.

We Gladly Accept All Major Credit Cards, E-Check & PayPal.
We Gladly Accept All Major Credit Cards, E-Check & PayPal.