Kaleidoscope™ Fresh Lotus Flower Tea Blend 1oz

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Kaleidoscope™ herbal tea blend is an excellent full flavored combination of natural fancy grade white, red and blue lotus flowers. This colorful combination of Lotus flowers resulted in this blend given the name Kaleidoscope™.

For the best results as tea. Use a 1/4 of a teaspoon to 1/2 a teaspoon of Kaleidoscope™ per boiling cup of water.


The flowers used in this blend are said to “possibly” increase sexual desire, relieve depression, elevate mood, aid sleep, promote relaxation. More scientific research is needed.


Red Lotus, Blue Lotus and White Lotus.

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2 reviews for Kaleidoscope™ Fresh Lotus Flower Tea Blend 1oz

  1. Shanice

    I just got my Kaleidoscope herbs in the mail today and it’s awesome! 🙂 Thanks much!!!

  2. blank

    The Phat One

    Received kaleidoscope sample. Nice taste and gives you a calm feeling. Excellent smoke. Thanks for sample

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