Jupiter’s Staff


This, spectacular, great flavored and relaxing tea is a blend of organic & wild crafted Mullein Leaf and Flower ( verbascum thapsus ).

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Jupiter’s Staff is a another name for Verbascum Thapsus or Mullein. You may be wondering why we created this blend as a Mullein Mix. Why not a blend of several different herbs? Basically, Mullein is a fantastic tea on its own and we found that blending different types of hand sifted leaf and flower created a very high quality tea blend. Mullein leaf is also a bit difficult to blend with other herbs because of its fluffy constancy.



Jupiter’s Staff™ is a surprisingly excellent tea. It is relaxing, uplifting, and has a great smooth flavor.

For the best results as tea, use 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of Jupiter’s Staff™ per boiling cup of water. You can even make it a bit stronger and it will not become bitter. When prepared as tea, without a tea bag or ball, this blend takes a little longer to fully settle at the bottom of the cup.


Mullein, even when used as a medicinal herb, has been traditionally smoked. It would be hard to miss it being touted as a “main ingredient” in an herbal smoking blend today. However, in realty Mullein is a slightly harsh smoke and does not have the best flavor for a smoking herb either. Jupiter’s Staff can be good for smoking when mixed with other herbs.


Mullein ( verbascum thapsus ) has been used historically to “possibly” help treat asthma, poor mood, coughs, tuberculosis and related respiratory problems and the common cold. ( More scientific study and research is needed. ) It also has a history as a smoking herb and soothing tea.


Mullein Leaf and Flower

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