SB Minis Blueberry

Unbelievably sweet, thick, aromatic herbal leaf & flower blend that is completely natural and free of and any artificial sweaters or additives of any kind.  The natural herbs and flowers providing all of the flavor.

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Uses: SB Minis Blueberry™ is not just a quality blend for rolling herbal smokes, it is also enjoyable in traditional pipes and as a flavorful herbal tea.

For the best results as tea, use 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of SB Minis Blueberry™ per boiling cup of water.

Herbs: The flowers and herbs in sb minis blueberry™ are said to “possibly”, increase libido,  act as a mild but lasting stimulant, help with depression and  insomnia, act as a calming agent and treat inflammatory conditions including headaches. More scientific research is needed.  One might ask how can an herb “possibly” be a mild stimulant and help with insomnia? In cases like this the herb would be consumed ( usually as tea ) several hours before the person was going to sleep. The flowers in sb minis blueberry™ are also used in perfumes, teas and to flavor food for as well.

Contains: Yerba Mate, Humulus Lupulus, Pueraria Lobata, Lavender, Mugwort, Mullein, Juniper, Yerba Santa, Broom Flowers, Lobelia, Jasmine, Wood Betony, Hyssop, Thyme, Sage, Angelica, Monarda,  Anise, Willow, Clover, Blackberry.

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