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A base of premium Native American and Mexican herb leaf makes Cloudbreak™ a quality, traditional and natural smoking and tea mixture.

This blend of organic and wild crafted herb leaf provides a flavored full bodied smoke. Cloudbreak™ has always been a reasonably priced blend but that is not indicative of quality. Our gourmet products are priced based on the cost of acquiring and processing the herbs, not the quality of the blend.


Because of the this blends particular ingredients, Cloudbreak™ is fantastic rolled, smoked in any pipe or used for tea. It is also non-addicting and could possibly be useful to assist someone in the reduction of habitual smoking.

For the best results as tea. Use a 1/4 of a teaspoon to 1/2 a teaspoon of herbal blend per boiling cup of water.


The herbs in Cloudbreak™ are said to possibly be helpful for, easing anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia, increasing libido and lightning someone’s mood. More scientific reasurch and study it needed. They have also been used for centuries in smoking blends and teas.

May Contain

Tarragon, Holy Basil, Damiana, Ginkgo Biloba, Rosemary, Goto Kola, Passion Flower, Motherwort, Mullein, Red Raspberry, Juniper, Yerba Santa, Lobelia, Uva Ursi, Hyssop, Thyme, Catnip, Sage, Angelica, Peppermint, Clover.

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5 reviews for Cloudbreak™ Traditional Herbal Smoking Mixture 1oz

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    I quit smoking cigarettes on January 10th, 2003, using an herbal product called Smoke Away or something like that. I quit smoking p*t in the mid 80s.I also work all day, and then take care of my 89 year old dad in the evenings when I get in from work. (I’m 56 years young.). I have hired someone to stay with him during the day while I’m at work. But, working a full time job, and taking care of my dad, gets really stressful. I was looking for an alternative to nights of no sleep. believe that Cloudbreak takes care of all of my problems. I don’t have health insurance. All I have is prayer to keep me well. I recommend your product to anyone who has been in my situation. This product is really, really, really, good. And so is this company.

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    I got the Morning Blend at the post office today. Very cool!I will continue ordering from your company thanks. I never leave feedback for products I buy online but I am so impressed with your products that I absolutely had to drop you a note. I bought some Cloudbreak and Summer Fields and ordered express delivery. I was amazed to have the products arrive after only 1 day. Typically even the best sites take two days for delivery. So thanks for that!!! I really wanted an alternative to the addictive stuff and I wanted it fast so I’m happy for the prompt service. As for the actual products I immediately lit some up and was shocked to enjoy an immediate smoke. It was great!!!!!! I can not tell you how happy I am. I’ve been a regular smoker for years. Having your company as a natural alternative is an unbelievable treat. I eventually found that Cloudbreak when smoke in a pipe with a small air tip produced AMAZING smokes. The smoke is great!!!!!! Anyone who wants an alternative try Cloudbreak!!!! You will be amazed. And it’s natural!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!

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    I received your product Cloudbreak and I am impressed with the quality. I thought I would try some of your other products. If they are as good, Ill tell the local herbal shop where I shop and maybe they will stock your product.

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    Good afternoon! It’s me again. My mailman came and went and no delivery today. When did you ship? I don’t want my neighbors to sign for me. By the way you’ve got some great product! I seem to have a hard time deciding which one I like best! I find the mellow yellow to be tasty, flex is strong and Cloudbreak smooth and satisfying! I’m glad I tried the sampler. I am interested to get my next order to try your other products! Very nice!

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    Cloudbreak! Very nice I will be ordering again soon great job fellas.

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