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Sailors Select™ is a blend of high grade, wild crafted,  Mugwort Whole Leaf.  Mugwort is known as a bitter herb, Sailors Select™ has low bitters but will still make a more bitter tea than many other herbs. Mugwort is know to have been smoked by early sailors and is a, good flavored, quality smoking experience.

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Why whole leaf?

Due to the consistency of Mugwort Leaf it is hard to process into a uniform size. This is what processed Mugwort looks like. It becomes a fluffy substance that binds together. Making it very difficult to blend and we feel a much lower quality material for herbal tea and smoke.

Processed Mugwort Leaf


Tea: As a tea Sailors Select™ has a slightly bitter flavor and a distinctive “tea” flavor ( it tastes like tea leaves ). We would recommend using a smaller about of leaf per water ratio. This is full leaf which makes an excellent, clean, tea.

For the best results as tea, use 1/4 teaspoon of Sailors Select™ per boiling cup of water.

Smoke: Sailors Select™ is a fantastic blend for pipes but even in its whole leaf form is not good for rolling.


Mugwort ( sailor’s tobacco ) was  used to flavor beer before hops and may “possibly” act as a bitter digestive tonic, mild stimulant, nervine ( calms the nerves ) and antirheumatic. More scientific study and research is needed. It was also given the name “Dream Herb” because it is said to “possibly” help promote vivid dreaming.

It may also have a history of assisting the symptoms of withdraws in people with addictions.

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