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Zorax the Surfing Alien

You won’t believe what happened in our little coastal town last summer. It started when Zorax, an alien with striking green skin and large, curious eyes, crashed here. At first, he was a mystery, an outsider trying to mend his spaceship, but then he discovered surfing.

I remember the first time I saw him at the beach. He had fashioned a surfboard from pieces of his ship—something out of a sci-fi movie. But when he hit the waves, man, it was like he was born to surf. That’s how he caught Mia’s eye, our local surfing prodigy. They struck an unlikely friendship, with her teaching him the ways of the wave, and him sharing stories of the stars.

Zorax became a sensation, not just for his surfing skills, but for the peace sign he’d flash after every wave, his symbol of friendship. News about him spread, and eventually, other aliens, disguised among us, came to help fix his ship.

As the big surfing competition approached, we all knew Zorax had to make a choice: go back to his world or stay with us. That day, the beach was packed, the air buzzing with anticipation. Zorax rode the waves like a champion, but it was the look he shared with Mia that told us everything—he was staying.

His alien friends respected his decision, leaving him a communicator to keep in touch. As they departed, Zorax stood there, watching them vanish into the sky, a serene smile on his face.

Now that he’s one of us, whenever I see him and Mia laughing together, it’s a testament to how extraordinary life can be, here or anywhere in the cosmos.

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