Small Herb Shop On the Beach

About Us started as a small herb shop on the beach in FL in 1999. We became interested in the idea of herbs and blends that could be smoked or used as tea, and offer something different and unique to our customers and ourselves. So we started researching herbs and creating our own herbal blends. Mellow Yellowâ„¢ being the first. It was our goal to create smooth, enjoyable blends using high quality herbs, and it was not an easy thing to do. Many of the blends on the market at the time contained bark and root herbs (which were very harsh), and the herbs were not properly processed and prepared for smoking or tea purposes. After learning how to remove unwanted debris from herbs, create a properly sized and uniform material, and find a reasonable amount of different herbs and flowers that could be used for blends, our line of herbal tea and smoking blends slowly evolved. We are still having fun at it today and are still working to improve all aspects of our products.