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Product Information

On this page, we discuss how to smoke or vape herbal smoking blends and smoking herbs, what types of herbs and blends are best for smoking, potential cautions and age requirements.

At SmokingBlends.com™ we strive to produce the best herbs and blends on the planet. Every day, we are testing new products, looking for better and fresher supplies, and working to improve our blends. Customer response is very important to us and has been extremely positive.

Because our blends and herbs can be used for smoking, we require our customers to be considered legal adults in their State or Country to order. Thank you for your understanding.

How to smoke new herbal smoking blends and herbs.

Herbal smoking blends and smoking herbs have become very popular. However, one must gain some knowledge when purchasing these products. Herbal smoking blends are not the same as other, more popular options. They are different herbs and will taste and burn differently. Some herbal blends are smooth but are ground very finely and are dry; therefore, they burn very well and may seem harsh when it is a case of too much too fast. It is wise when using a new blend to start off slowly by taking in small amounts and letting yourself get accustomed to it. When vaporizing a new blend or herb, the best temperature to start out at is 190° C. If you find the flavor too strong or the vapor too harsh, you can work your way down to 160° C, or if you prefer a stronger flavor or vapor, you can work your way up to 220° C. The higher the temperature, the stronger the flavor and vapor. Good herbal smoking blends should contain only blended herbs without any additives or artificial ingredients. Watch out for blends that contain bark or root herbs. Bark and roots are generally harsh and unpleasant to smoke. It is best to try a wide variety of smoking blends, so you will have a better chance of finding something you like. For example, do you like every brand of soft drink? Most likely not. Most likely, you have a couple of favorites.  Also keep in mind that some herbs and blends may be more enjoyable when smoked using a different method (rolling papers, pipes, etc.) or vaporized.


The blends we offer have been shown to be safe for healthy adults when used as directed (other than the known negative health effects associated with smoking). However, there are few herbs that do not come with some cautions for pregnant or nursing women, people with health problems, or people taking medications. These people should consult their doctor before using any new herbs or blends.

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