Terms of Service ( Disclaimer )

Complete Disclaimer of Liability (read before purchasing)

When used as directed, the blends we offer have shown to be safe for healthy adults, aside from the known risks associated with smoking..

However, there are few herbs that do not come with some type of warning for, pregnant or nursing women, persons with health problems or taking any medications. These people should consult a physician before smoking anything.

Due to the possibility of our natural blends being utilized for smoking, we require customers to be above the legal smoking age their state or country to view or purchase products from our site.

Before entering or ordering any products from Smoking Blends.com you must agree unconditionally to all terms as described in this disclaimer. These terms may be changed at any time without notice.


1. I am over 18 and considered a legal adult in my State or Country.

2. I am either:

a. Healthy with no pre-existing medical or mental conditions whatsoever & currently not taking any medication, prescription, over-the-counter or herbal. – Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing, have high blood pressure, heart or thyroid disease, diabetes, enlarged prostrate, or if taking MAO inhibitors,antidepressants, or any other prescription drug.

b. Under the direct care of medical professionals who have conducted an examination and concluded I am able to use your products safely with no harm to myself or negative interactions with my medications.

3. I am, healthy, not pregnant or nursing, have no medical conditions, not mentally disabled and capable of making decisions for myself.

4. I clearly understand that smoking herbs possibly carries the same health risk factors as smoking anything else.

5. Habitual smoking has shown to be hazardous to ones health and I do so at my own risk.

6. Under no circumstances will Smoking Blends.com be liable to me or anyone else for any damages or injury caused by ingestion of these products or by misuse or improper use.

7. Smoking Blends.com’ and any other parties involved including but not limited to their owners’, associates’, employees’, officers’, affiliates’, liability shall not exceed the cost of the product. Any and all other damages, direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive, are hereby excluded.

8. I do not intend to use this product for any illegal purposes or use your products with any other substance legal or otherwise.

9. Cancellations, Refunds and Returns:

  • Refunds: I understand once Smoking Blends.com ships my herbal product(s) I can not return them, unless they are received in a damaged state or the wrong item is shipped, as I understand herbal products can not legally be re-sold.
  • Returns: If the wrong item is shipped or the item is received damaged to the point it can not be used, after the item has been returned a full refund ( including shipping ) will be issued or a new product shipped. In some cases a picture of the item can be used to confirm the problem.
  • Cancellations: Orders may be cancelled before they are shipped. Once and order has shipped it can not be cancelled.

10. I have clearly read, understand and agree to carefully abide by any and all cautions & warnings on this website and product labels.

11. I understand that Smoking Blends.com is not responsible for the theft or damage of my products once they been delivered to my certified shipping address and the security of my shipping address is my responsibility.

12. Customers ordering outside the US are required to know the laws of their country. Should I order something that is not allowed to be shipped to my country and is seized by customs I will not receive a refund and my item will not be resent.

Thank you for visiting the site. Enjoy!