Hand Processing Herbs

We have been processing, preparing, cleaning, storing and blending herbs for over 23 years. You will not find material like this anywhere else.

Quality Herbs and Flowers

Although this process will greatly increase the grade of the material, starting out with the highest possible quality herbs and flowers allows us to get the best results. We purchase herbs of the highest quality available at any giving time. Focusing mainly on wild crafted and organic herbs. Because freshness is of high importance, most of our material is imported directly from the growers or wild crafters. Many of whom we have been working with for years.

We love to support small farms and wild crafters. If you are a grower or harvester of high quality, ethically produced, herbs, please feel free to contact us.


When we receive a shipment, the material is immediately sanitized. This process kills any insects or insect eggs and 90% of germs, bacteria and viruses. Our process uses absolutely no chemicals and does not change the material or effect its organic certification.

Visual Inspection

Depending on the particular herb or flower and the consistency of the material, every pound is visually inspected for larger debris and lower quality material. In some cases every 1/2 of pound needs to be carefully gone over.

Removing Unwanted Material

This may be stems for some materials, for others it includes parts of the leaf or flower. For example: our pure flower lotus flowers have had all of hard parts of the flower removed leaving only the petals and stamens.

Eliminating Small Materials and Dust

After all of the other processes are complete, the material is carefully cleaned to remove smaller unwanted debris and dust. Most people would find it hard to believe how much dust and small particles are in their herbs. On average it ends up being 10 to 20% of the total weight of the material.

Storing Herbs

Immediately after processing our herbs are either packaged in sealed bug proof bags ready to be sent out, or placed in dark, airtight, food grade, containers and stored at or below room temperature.