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The herbs in this package are great for adding flavor to your tea or smoking material; they are all free of any chemicals or additives. They offer a 100% natural flavor. Not only that, but they can be used for smudging blends, and some can even be used as air fresheners for small spaces. Wormwood and mugwort are bitters, so some may prefer not to use them to favor tea. Please take a look below for a brief description of the herbs and their potential uses.

Here is what this package includes:
1. Lavender Flowers
2. Jasmine Petals
3. Spearmint
4. Field Mint
5. Organic Wormwood
6. Wild Crafted Mugwort

Brief Descriptions of the Flowers Included in This Package

Lavender Flowers

Lavender, known for its beauty and sweet floral fragrance, has a history dating back over 2500 years and is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and India.

This lavender has a fantastic flavor and aroma that can be used to flavor tea, smoke, smudge and freshen the air. Lavender can also be relaxing for some people.

Jasmine Flower Petals

Jasmine, the national flower of Pakistan, may have a history in many cultures as an aphrodisiac, antiseptic, antispasmodic, stimulant, anti-depressive, emollient and calming agent.

Jasmine is also a flower that has a fantastic flavor and aroma and will favor tea, smoke, smudge and freshen small areas. It has a more subtle flavor and aroma, so it can be used in slightly larger amounts.

Spearmint Leaf

Fresh and fragrant USDA-certified organic spearmint leaf.

Spearmint may also be used to flavor tea, smoke, and freshen the air, but it does not produce a strong aroma when burned, so it may not make the best addition to a smudging blend. Although the flavor is quite subtle when smoked, it adds a great flavor, and some people do find it relaxing.

Field Mint Leaf

Mentha haplocalyx is a significant source of menthol, a compound with a refreshing, minty taste and cooling sensation that has a wide range of applications, including in medicines, balms, cosmetics, and food flavorings. It makes a strong-flavored tea and is useful in favoring natural smoking blends.

Organic Wormwood

Wormwood is used for flavoring in spirits and wines, including bitters vermouth and pelinkovac. This is premium, hand-harvested wormwood that is far less bitter than commercial grade varieties. However, it is still bitter and will add a strong but smooth flavor to any natural herbal smoking mix.

Wild Crafted Mugwort

Mugwort was used to flavor beer before hops and may act as a bitter digestive tonic. Our wild-crafted mugwort is very strong and will add a strong flavor to any tea or natural smoking mixture. If you are interested in mugwort tea check out our organic Sailors Select™, it is almost non-bitter and makes a great tea.

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