Blue Lotus Leaf | Nymphaea Caerulea



Blue Lotus Leaf.

100% genuine Nymphaea Caerulea Leaf.

Blue water lilies have leaves (lily pads) that rest on top of the water, whereas lotus leaves are held above the water. For this reason, they are more often used in smudge blends or smoked than as tea. Sacred Lotus Leaves, which are held above the water, make a very popular and fantastic tea. You can see a nice example of a water lotus on our product information page.

You can go here for more information on the Nymphaea Caerulea Plant.

Botanical name: Nymphaea Caerulea
Plant family: Nymphaeaceae
Also called: The Sacred Water Lily, Egyptian Blue Lotus, and the Sacred Water Lily of the Nile.

Every pound of this material is cleaned by hand. It is visually inspected for larger unwanted debris and low-grade leaves, then processed to remove smaller debris like herb dust. You will not find material like this anywhere else.

The blue lotus is actually a water lily, but has been referred to as a ‘lotus’ for centuries. Depictions of Nymphaea Caerulea, along with the papyrus flower, are seen painted on ancient Egyptian tombs and temples.

This material is meticulously processed and cleaned by hand. Please take a look at our Hand Processing Herbs page for more information.

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