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Hand-processed, pure-flower Red Lotus. This material only consists of the petals and stamens of the flower. Red lotus petals are known to be woody at the base. We process that out, leaving only the soft, supple parts.

Red Lotus has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine to assist in treating a wide range of issues. Ranging from its use as a poultice to treating skin inflammation to being used as a gargle for sore throats. Like many other members of the Nymphaeaceae family, it is also said to possibly help calm nervousness and sleeplessness. Due to its pleasant, gentle aroma, its essential oil is used for aromatherapy and as a fragrance for soaps and other personal care items. The seeds of red lotus are roasted and used as a substitute for coffee beans.

Botanical name: Nymphaea Rubra
Plant family: Nymphaeaceae
Also called: Red Indian Lotus, Red Lily of the Nile, Red Water Lily, Mini Water Lily, Indian Red Lily, Dwarf Lily.


Nymphaea rubra is actually a water lily, so its large 11 to 19-inch green and red leaves (lily pads) rest on or just under the water. The fragrant red flowers, which close at dusk and open at dawn, are held above the water by dark red stems and can grow to 5″ in diameter. The stamens grow up to an inch long, and the red to reddish purple petals are usually three times the length of the stamens. During its fruiting period, Nymphaea Rubra produces a spherical brownish green berry with many small black seeds.


The flower is said to be native to India but is now growing wild in many countries with wetlands and a suitable climate (including Thailand and the Nile Delta in Egypt).


Red Lotus Tea

Red Lotus makes a relaxing, pleasant-tasting deep red tea. Depending on how strong it is, some people may feel the need to add a small amount of sweetener.

Try starting out with 1 gram of red lotus per 16 ounces of water. Boil the flower in the water for at least 6 minutes, allow it to cool, and strain out the remaining material. If you would like a stronger or weaker tea, you can increase or decrease the amount of flower used and the amount of time it is boiled in small increments.

Smoking Red Lotus

Red Lotus flowers do have some woody parts to them that are not suitable for smoking and should be removed. As mentioned, they have been removed from this material. The supple parts of the petals and the stamens produce a mild-flavored smoke and can be smoked on their own or used in blends.

Red Lotus Smudge

Unfortunately, as with other water lilies, the red lotus loses a good deal of its fragrance when burned. It is not all lost, and red lilies do still produce a unique fragrance when burned, so they would be useful for smudging or as an ingredient in a smudging blend. Some people wrap the petals on the outside of sage smudge sticks.

Herbal Supplement

Red Lotus is used in Ayurvedic medicine and herbal supplements, and its essential oil is used for aromatherapy.

This material is meticulously processed and cleaned by hand. Please take a look at our Hand Processing Herbs page for more information.

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