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Fresh clean wild crafted Sacred Lotus Leaf.

Nelumbo Nucifera is a actual lotus. This means the leaves ( lily pads ) are held above the water. Some species of water flowers that are commonly referred to as a “lotus” are actually lilies with leaves that rest one the water.

Botanical Name: Nelumbo Nucifera



Sacred Lotus Leaf is an extremally popular good flavored tea. Most people find no need to sweeten it. Said to offer cooling on hot summer days.

Try starting out with 2gm of leaf per 16 oz of water. Boil the material in the water for at least 10 minutes then allow it to cool and strain out the herbs. If you would like a stronger or weaker tea you can increase/decrease the amount of leaf used and the amount of time it is boiled in small increments.


Sacred Lotus Leaf is smoked and most often rolled. Although it is a much more popular tea.


Sacred Lotus Leaf can be used in smudge or smudging blends. The smoke has a strong and unique smell.

Herbal Supplement

Sacred Lotus Leaf is used by natural heath practitioners.

This material is meticulously processed and cleaned by hand. Please have a look on our Hand Processing Herbs Page for more information.

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