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Mystic Hookah™ is an exotic all flower mixture that is an incredibly smooth, high quality, herbal smoking experience and tea.

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Uses: Mystic Hookah™ is not just a great blend for Shisha, it is also a fantastic alternative for, narghile or hubble bubble smoking, hand pipes and when rolled.

As a tea Mystic Hookah™ is mild flavored and enjoyable.

For the best results as tea. Use a 1/4 of a teaspoon to 1/2 a teaspoon of Mystic Hookah™ per boiling cup of water.

Herbs: The 100% organic or wild crafted herb flowers in Mystic Hookah are said to “possibly” be useful as, sleep  aids, anxiety relievers, depression aids and headache relievers. More scientific research is needed.

Contains: Calendula Flowers, Safflower, Humulus Lupulus, Lavender, Lotus Flowers, Cornflowers, Elder Flowers, Broom Flowers, Rose flowers, Passion Flower.

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1 review for Mystic Hookah Original

  1. HaroldJr

    i just purchased mystical and mystic hookah. your product was a great smoke. i have ordered smoking herbal products featured in magazines and you blew them out of the water. you have a new returning customer. thank you

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