Mellow Yellow™ Relaxing Herbal Tea and Smoking Mixture

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Come on, get happy!! This blend of jasmine petals and kanna leaf is a relaxing tea or full-bodied herbal smoke with a smooth, slightly sweet jasmine flavor. When toked, it sizzles. With a mild flavor and a smooth burn, Mellow Yellow™ is a great choice for people new to herbal blends.

Fun fact: Mellow Yellow™ was the first herbal smoking mixture, commercially available online, that utilized jasmine flowers in the US or anywhere else that we are aware of.

Mellow Yellow™ is a trademark of CSI and has been for over 23 years. Any attempts to reproduce this product or its patent-pending formula will result in immediate legal action. Over the last couple of years, we have had major problems with other businesses violating our trademark. This is a fairly new phenomenon. If you see an unscrupulous business using our product name for a smoking or tea blend, please help us by making us aware of it. There is a business in Germany offering a smoking blend called Mellow Yellow. We are well aware of this, and because they are in Germany and have been selling the blend for as long as we have, we have no problem with it. They are a reputable business.

Item specifics

Flavor: Jasmine, Floral, Earthy
Features:  Low Calorie, Vegan, Gluten-free, Caffeine-free, Preservatives-free, GMO-free, MSG-free, No Artificial Coloring, No Artificial Flavoring
Type: Herbal, Dried, Blend
Variety: Original
Sweetness: Unsweetened
Form: Bag, Loose Leaf
Color: Yellow, Green
Shipping: 1-3 day delivery
Size: 0.25 oz, 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz
Price: $4.45, $7.87, $14.35, $25.87, $36.67, $44.95
Benefit: Anti-stress Support, Intimacy Support, Mild Pain Support


Smoking Mellow Yellow™

The smoothness and flavor make it great for traditional wooden pipes. Kanna leaf is somewhat thick and hard, so take a little care when rolling. Please keep in mind that this blend is very dry, as it should be, and will burn easily, so relax and take your time and enjoy.

Mellow Yellow™ Tea

As a tea, Mellow Yellow™ has a mild flavor that is a blend of earthy and floral.

For the best results, start with 1 gram of Mellow Yellow™ per 16 oz of water. Boil the blend in water for at least 6 minutes, allow it to cool, and strain out the blend. If you would like a stronger or weaker tea, you can increase or decrease the amount of Mellow Yellow™ used and the amount of time it is boiled in small increments.


The herbs and flowers used in this blend may “possibly” be used to help with addiction, enhance intimacy, help with mild headaches, and lighten someone’s mood. More scientific study and research is needed.


May Contain: Raspberry Leaf, Angelica, Boneset, Jasmine, Mullein, Rosemary, Lotus, Marshmallow, Yerba Santa, Kanna, Passion Flower, Honeyweed and Elder Flowers.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

.25 oz, .5 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz

8 reviews for Mellow Yellow™ Relaxing Herbal Tea and Smoking Mixture

  1. torres.d.1732

    I am hoping that you can answer a question that my friend wants to ask before she buys. I say it isn’t but here goes Is mellow yellow sprayed with a synthetic spray? I love smoking it either way and she enjoys it too. Thank you very much.

    • Smoking Blends

      We have never used synthetics in any of our products, only natural and safe ingredients.

  2. obrien.tom.a

    Thank you very much. When I made it home yesterday the blends we’re waiting for me. I was skeptical because I have never tried or even heard of your products before and it felt like a small gamble. All I have to say is you guys are legit and you have a new repeat customer. The mellow yellow does exactly what you said it would and for being dry it was surprising smooth. I just ordered two more blends and I didn’t skimp on the tracking this time. Thank you for a providing a great product with prompt customer service.

  3. TiffanyWilson

    Love your Mellow Yellow blend. Awesome product! I read the label that says may contain …. Is it possible for me to find out what this blend actually is made of? Would like to know before ordering more. I’ve been telling my friends about your good products and service. Please let me know what I’m enjoying in the Mellow Yellow. Thank you.

  4. kendra1972

    Hi just got my order of mellow yellow and Sunset I haven’t tried the Sunset yet but the mellow yellow was very good and I’m very happy with the result it makes me feel so relaxed and I love it, thank you so much!

  5. warren.zed

    Good Afternoon!
    I would like to eat my words! The package just came in, mix up with the mailwoman. I am very pleased. Packed a bowl of the Mellow Yellow, extremely satisfactory. Will be purchasing more herbs from you in the future.
    Thanks again

  6. marina.trident

    Hello, I am a new customer. I received your Mellow Yellow in the mail yesterday. I can not explain how happy I am with it. To be truthful I was not expecting it to be as good as it is. It is extremely satisfying. And I did not smoke but a few inhales. I read everything on your web site before ordering and it suggested starting off on the mellow yellow so I did. good advice. I will be ordering often. Thank you.

  7. julie_hamilton

    I tried Mellow Yellow and loved it!

  8. bethhardy1964

    My name is Beth and have tried your products of Mellow Yellow and Sunset. I’ve been please with your products but was wondering if you can suggest your best blend for mood up-lifting.

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