Blue Sky™ All Flower Herbal Smoking & Tea Blend | 1 oz

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Due to issues acquiring the herbs we need for this product, it is currently out of stock. We are working diligently to get it restocked. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Blue Sky™: A mix of natural high grade flowers and organic smoking herbs makes this a unique relaxing smoking experience. As mentioned before this is also an unusually clean burning product that leaves little to no aftertaste.


Definitely a very well rounded product. Burns well in pipes and is a great product for rolling natural herbal smokes. Good for blending with other herbs and blends and it is not habit forming so can be potentially used to curb habitual smoking.

Great mild flavored tea mix.

For the best results as tea, use 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of Blue Sky™ per boiling cup of water.


The flowers and herbs in  Blue Sky™ are said to possibly be and aid for anxiety, insomnia, lethargy and depression. More scientific study and research is needed.

May Contain

Lavender, Wood Betony, Broom Flowers, Angelica, Damiana, Boneset, Willow, Motherwort, Blue Skullcap, Monarda, Anise, Lotus.

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3 reviews for Blue Sky™ All Flower Herbal Smoking & Tea Blend | 1 oz

  1. marrys

    I received Blue Sky recently, and it’s enjoyable…Thank you!

  2. mortisthegrim (verified owner)

    Just got it, it has a slightly sweet and mildly earthy taste that i personally find enjoyable, though I seem to prefer smoking it rather drinking it as a tea.

  3. connollymt65 (verified owner)

    Blue Sky is the latest blend I’ve tried from Smokingblends and I find it calming with a enjoyable taste when smoked. It gives me a relaxing feeling.

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