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Sailors Select™ is a blend of high-grade, wildcrafted whole mugwort leaves. Mugwort was given the name Sailor’s Tobacco because it was smoked by early sailors on long voyages at sea.

ATTENTION: We are now offering hand-harvested and dried mugwort that was acquired directly from an organic farm. It is an outstanding material that is non-bitter and has a mild flavor when burned. If you have never had non-bitter mugwort tea, check it out.

Why whole leaf?

Due to the consistency of mugwort leaf, it is hard to process it into a uniform size. This is what processed mugwort looks like. It becomes a fluffy substance that binds together. Making it very difficult to blend, and we feel it is a much lower quality material for herbal tea and smoke because it captures herb dust.

Processed Mugwort Leaf


Smoking Mugwort

Sailors Select™ is a good blend for pipes and vaping but, even in its whole leaf form, is not great for rolling. Strangely, in China, mugwort is an ingredient in a brand of herbal smokes called Guocao.

The organic variation has a very mild flavor.

Mugwort Tea

As a tea, Sailors Select™ mugwort tea blend has a slightly bitter flavor and a distinctive “tea” flavor (it tastes like tea leaves). We would recommend using a smaller amount of leaf per water ratio. This is a full leaf, which makes an excellent, clean tea.

The organic variation is non-bitter and has a flavor similar to tea leaves.

For the best results, start out with 1/2 a gram of Sailors Select™ per 16 oz of water. Boil the blend in the water for at least 5 minutes, allow it to cool, and strain out the blend. If you would like a stronger or weaker tea, you can increase or decrease the amount of Sailors Select™ used and the amount of time it is boiled in small increments.


Mugwort (Sailor’s Tobacco) was used to flavor beer before hops and may “possibly” act as a bitter digestive tonic, mild stimulant, nervine (calms the nerves), and anti-rheumatic. More scientific study and research is needed. It was also given the name “Dream Herb” because it is said to “possibly” help promote vivid dreaming.

It may also have a history of easing the symptoms of withdrawal in people with addictions.


Hand-selected mugwort leaf.

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