Jupiter’s Staff™ Herbal Tea & Smoke Mixture


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This spectacular, great-flavored and relaxing tea is a blend of organic hand picked and dried mullein leaf and flower (verbascum thapsus).

Jupiter’s Staff is another name for verbascum thapsus or Mullein. You may be wondering why we created this blend as a mullein mix. Why not a blend of several different herbs? Basically, mullein is a fantastic tea on its own, and we found that blending different types of hand-sifted mullein leaf and flower created a very high-quality tea blend. Mullein leaf is also a bit difficult to blend with other herbs because of its fluffy constancy.


Mullein Tea

Jupiter’s Staff™ is a surprisingly excellent tea. It is relaxing, uplifting, and has a great, smooth flavor.

For the best results as tea, use 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of Jupiter’s Staff™ per boiling cup of water. You can even make it a bit stronger, and it will not become bitter. When prepared as tea without a tea bag or ball, this blend takes a little longer to fully settle at the bottom of the cup.

Smoking Mullein

Mullein, even when used as a medicinal herb, has been traditionally smoked. It would be hard to miss it being touted as a “main ingredient” in a herbal smoking blend today. However, in reality, mullein does not mix well with other herbs because it is so fluffy and binds to itself. We feel it is of much higher quality when not blended. However, one can blend mullein with other herbs by adding it to a bowl filled with them.


Mullein ( verbascum thapsus ) has been used historically to “possibly” help treat asthma, poor mood, coughs, tuberculosis and related respiratory problems, and the common cold. More scientific study and research is needed.


Mullein leaf and flower.

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