Coneheads™ Herbal Smoking Blend: Formulated for Cones and Rolling

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Coneheads™ ingredients are specifically selected and processed for filling cones and rolling herbal smokes. Completely natural and non-additive, smooth, organic herb leaf. “Roll with Quality!™ ”


Smoking Coneheads

Do you want to fill your cones and roll your smokes with no issues? Coneheads™ is handcrafted to be perfect for both. This blend also burns very well in pipes and is fully compatible with dry herb vaporizers.

Coneheads Tea

A mild-flavored, enjoyable tea that may offer a little boost in the mornings. Coneheads™ contains lobelia, so it may cause a slight tingling in the back of the throat for some people and should not be consumed in excess.

For the best results, start with .5 grams of Coneheads™ per 16 oz of water. Slowly boil the blend in the water for at least 3 minutes, allow it to cool, and strain. If you would like a stronger or weaker tea, you can slightly increase or decrease the amount of Coneheads™ used and the amount of time it is boiled in small increments. Do not overconsume.


The herb leaf used in this blend is a mild stimulant and may “possibly” have relaxation properties and act as an antidepressant. It was used as a treatment for asthma in the 19th century and may help with the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine. More scientific research is needed.

May Contain

Lobelia, Hoodwort, Clover, Nettle, Mugwort, Licorice, Feverfew, Tarragon, St. John’s Wort, Echinacea, Peppermint, Marshmallow, Great Lettuce and Angelica.

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