Mystical Journeys™ Ancient Herbal Smoking Mixture

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Mystical Journeys™ herbal smoking mixture has been a customer favorite for over 22 years.

Blended with the herbs of the ancients. Go back to a time when Merlin wielded his magic and dragons freely roamed the earth.

Merlin and the Dragon’s Gift: The Legend of Mystical Journeys

Once upon a time, a mischievous baby dragon decided to venture out of his nest while his mother was away. Eager to explore the world, he flapped his tiny wings and soared into the sky for the very first time. However, his adventure took a dangerous turn when he was spotted by a group of poachers, who sought to capture him for his precious scales and fiery breath.

As the poachers closed in, the baby dragon mustered all his strength and courage to evade their nets and arrows. Despite his valiant efforts, he was grazed by an arrow, causing him to tumble from the sky and crash into the dense forest below. Injured and unable to fly, he let out a sorrowful cry that echoed through the woods.

Injured Baby Dragon Crying for Help
Injured Baby Dragon Crying for Help


The great wizard Merlin was collecting rare herbs for his potions nearby. Hearing the distressed cries, he hurried towards the source. When Merlin saw the injured baby dragon, his heart went out to the tiny creature. Merlin quickly examined the young dragon and did his best to aid his wounds. As he did so, the baby dragon’s eyes met Merlin’s, and a bond was forged between the two.

Merlin and baby Dragon
Merlin Cradling the Baby Dragon


As Merlin cradled the dragon in his arms and kept him hidden, a mighty roar echoed through the forests, scaring off the poachers that were still searching for the injured baby dragon. From the skies descended an enormous, majestic dragon—the baby’s mother. She landed gracefully next to Merlin, her eyes filled with gratitude. She thanked Merlin and told him their names were Eldryn and Lysandra.

The three of them became good friends and would visit each other often. Lysandra and Eldryn would visit Merlin at his tower, and Merlin would come and see them in the Enchanted Forest.

Dragon and Baby Dragon Visiting Merlin
Lysandra and Eldryn Visiting Merlin


One day when Merlin was visiting them in the Enchanted Forest, Lysandra in a deep, melodious voice, said, “Merlin, for your kindness to us, I gift you the ancient recipe of our kind: Mystical Journeys, a blend of herbs that grants the user insight, clarity, and tranquility.”

With that, she whispered the ingredients and the preparation method into Merlin’s ear. The blend was a mix of rare herbs, some of which Merlin had never heard of. She also told him where he could find the herbs that grew in the most hidden corners of the Enchanted Forest.

Lysandra exhaled a gentle stream of smoke, forming intricate patterns in the air. These patterns illustrated the recipe, showing Merlin the herbs and their precise proportions.

Dragon Giving Merlin the Recipe for Mystical Journeys
Lysandra Giving Merlin the Ancient Recipe for Mystical Journeys


Merlin, deeply honored, thanked the Lysandra. “This gift is invaluable. I shall use it wisely and pass on the knowledge only to those who are pure of heart.”

From that day on, Merlin often used Mystical Journeys, especially during times of reflection or when he sought guidance. The blend indeed brought him immense clarity and often illuminated paths that were previously hidden to him.

And so, the legend of Mystical Journeys was born—a gift from the majestic dragons, a symbol of gratitude, and the deep bond between three magical beings.

Merlin and Eldryn’s bond lasted a lifetime, and they would go on to have many great adventures. But that is a tale for another time.

Item specifics

Flavor: Lavender, Menthol
Features:  Low Calorie, Vegan, Organic, Wildcrafted, Gluten-free, Caffeine-free, Preservatives-free, GMO-free, MSG-free, Dye-free, No Artificial Coloring, No Artificial Flavoring
Type: Herbal, Dried, Blend
Variety: Original
Sweetness: Unsweetened
Form: Loose Leaf
Color: Green
Shipping: 1-3 day delivery
Price: .25 oz under $6.00, 1 oz under $16.00
Benefit: Energy Aid, Anxiety Support, Indigestion Aid


Smoking Mystical Journeys™

Mystical Journeys contains strong-flavored herbs that retain their flavor and aroma when burned. By blending the ingredients in the proper proportions, they cancel each other out and create a unique flavor. In order to get the most out of this blend, it needs to be smoked slowly and in small amounts at first, like sipping whine. Once the flavor has settled in, the smoke can be fully enjoyed. Due to the natural menthol content, which may be hard to detect by flavor, some people may experience a mild tingling sensation like they just had a piece of peppermint candy. Mystical Journeys burns well when rolled, vaped, or used in pipes.

Mystical Journeys Tea™

Unfortunately, as a tea, Mystical Journeys™ is very bitter, so most people will find it to be a poor choice for tea. It is recommended that only a small amount be used when brewing. Do not eat. Please see the directions for more information.

Directions: Use a 1/2 gram of Mystical Journeys™ per 16 oz of water. That is approximately a 1/4 of a teaspoon, not a tablespoon, the larger of the two. Slowly boil the blend in the water for 1 minute, allow it to cool, and strain. Only consume 4 fluid ounces (a half cup) at a time. This is usually more than adequate to aid in stomach upsets or offer some extra energy. Use in moderation, overconsumption may result in an upset stomach and will not increase the effectiveness of the tea.


After smoking Mystical Journeys or having a small amount of tea, because of the natural caffeine-free stimulants contained in the herbs, it is likely the user will feel more awake. Some people, depending on their level of anxiety and reason for feeling restless, may feel a little more at ease. It may also help with falling asleep if used several hours before attempting to sleep. This blend contains bitters and, when used as tea and as directed, may help settle someone’s stomach, depending on the reason for their stomach upset.


May Contain: Wood Betony, Field Mint, Damiana, Lobelia, Ashwagandha, Mad Dog Herb, Motherwort, Red Raspberry, Wormwood, Artemisia Capillaris, Lavender, Pueraria Lobata.

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6 reviews for Mystical Journeys™ Ancient Herbal Smoking Mixture

  1. phillywilly

    I had to quit smoking after 20+ years due to employment reasons. I had done some research at various web sites and they kept referring back to “Another Site” saying it was the #1 place to go. I had such a bad experience with their customer service just trying to get my order which I had paid a “rush” charge. Once I received it, I was disappointed with the product. It had mold growing on it and it was so harsh with very enjoyment. To make a long story short, I was very disappointed and discouraged. I decided that I needed to have something to compare it to so I went on-line. After 2 hours of searching, I finally found a company that wasn’t an affiliate of the 1st company or a company in — ——. I placed an order with your company and your response was immediate. I had it shipped Express and it arrived on time. Once I opened the package and tried the product Mystical Journeys, I was shocked at how mild the smoke was and very enjoyable. Thanks for the professional and prompt service I received. With the great products and customer service I experienced, you have earned a customer for life

  2. SweetSara

    Loved the mystical…cant wait to try Paragon

  3. bigbore

    Thanks for the Mystical Journeys: do you suggest this be kept in the freezer or left out ::::::; Thanks for your amazing products. Blessings to you.

    • Smoking Blends

      We recommend putting your herbs in the freezer or refrigerator in an airtight container.

  4. thetrucker

    Hi, First I would like to thank you for your great product, Mystical Journeys, I just bought it about 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I am actually wanting to buy something else, but I am getting ready to leave on a job Saturday morning. So what I would like to ask is, If I bought something today and got the best shipping method is there any way I could get it by Fri night at the latest before I leave? Thank you.

  5. cathyrobinson

    Very pleased with first order.I love the Mystical Journeys. It is wonderfully blended and is a great smoke.

  6. robertcarnes

    I just received my Mystial Journeys sample. I admit i am impressed. The first time i had tried Sunset I was unsatisfied but when i opened my sample it smelled good. The taste was pleasant and i can’t wait to try my next order Moonwalk.

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