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We have sold out of the remaining Neon™. It is now time to release the new formula.

Did you know that red, white and blue lotus share some of the same compounds? But, they have different aromas and flavors. White lotus has an earthy aroma and flavor; red lotus has a thick, berry-like aroma and flavor; and blue lotus has a floral aroma and mild flavor. Neon’s new formula includes three types of pure lotus flowers: Blue Lotus, Red Lotus and White Lotus. All three are smooth, enjoyable smokes and teas on their own, and when blended in the proper proportions, they create an interesting, unique aroma and smoking or sipping experience. What makes blending these flowers so unusual is that you can create these new aromas and flavors without diluting many of the active compounds because they all share several of them.


Smoking Neon™

Blue lotus flowers are problematic when used as a fill for herbal smokes. They are light and supple and contain a high concentration of essential oils. When they are burned in herbal smokes, the essential oils will start to accumulate, making the tube or cone hard to draw from. Blending the blue lotus with the white and red lotus eliminates that issue, as long as you do not roll or pack the cone too tight. We do not process our herbs down further than the perfect size for pipes. However, most of our blends are a great size for use in pipes and smokes. It is not necessary, but to get the best results, for use in cones or rolling, we do recommend grinding Neon with a quality herb grinder. Neon™ will burn very well in pipes or dry herb vaporizers.

Neon™ Tea

Neon™ makes a great and unique tea. The three lotus flowers all have distinctive flavors and aromas. Blue lotus is light and floral, while red lotus has a heavier aroma almost comparable to cranberries or red wine, and white lotus is earthy. When brewed, the tea is a dark reddish blue and has a wonderful aroma and good flavor.

For the best results, start with 1 gram of Neon™ per 16 oz of water. slow boil the blend in water for at least 6 minutes, allow it to cool, and strain out the blend. If you would like a stronger or weaker tea, you can increase or decrease the amount of Neon™ used and the amount of time it is boiled in small increments.


The flowers and herbs in Neon™ are said to possibly help with anxiety, stress and insomnia. They may also act as mild stimulants and help promote cardiovascular health. More scientific study and research is needed.


Contains cured blue lotus petals, red lotus petals and stamens, and white lotus petals and stamens.

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2 reviews for Neon™ Gourmet Herbal Flower Smoking Blend | New Ingredients

  1. craig384732

    Expanse and Neon were the same thing. Cant complain, because they smoke great. But I am not sure which one to order now.

    • Smoking Blends

      They are both the same flower base, blended with completely different herbs.

  2. ArnoldJ

    I finally got my sampler. good smooth smoke. I like neon and the expanse is tasty. I also received a bonus 1/4 oz. of a Moonwalk which I still dont know what to do with. I would assume it is to be grinded up and smoked but it is very hard to break. thanks

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