Sunset™ Gourmet Natural Flower Smoking Blend & Tea

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A great-tasting all-natural herbal flower blend enhanced to perfection by blending fresh flowers with quality herbs. The revolution continues with Sunset’s™ all-natural and enjoyable smoke. No fillers, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no preservatives. Do not be fooled, other herbal flower blends cannot compare to the real smoking and sipping sensation of Sunset™!


As with several of the other smokable flower blends we offer, Sunset™ is relaxing and enjoyable in a pipe. However, its natural consistency makes it difficult to roll in papers. It mixes very well with other herbs and blends, is non-habit-forming, works well in herbal smokes when blended with other herbs, and makes an enjoyable herbal tea.

Great mild-flavored tea mix.

For the best results as tea, boil Sunset™ in the water and use 1 gram of Sunset™ per cup of water.


The flowers and herbs in Sunset™ may “possibly” help with, anxiety and depression, calming nerves and headaches. They “may” also act as mild stimulants and aid lethargy. More scientific study and research is needed.

May Contain

Passion Flower, Honeysuckle, Tienchi, Nasturtium, Yerba Santa, Tarragon, Boneset, Bachelor’s Button, Angelica, and Holy Basil.

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Loose, Whole Flower


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5 reviews for Sunset™ Gourmet Natural Flower Smoking Blend & Tea

  1. darlalouise

    I would like to thank you for Priority sending my order after a slight delay. The delay being for security reasons just serves to prove that you WILL NOT and DO NOT sell to minors and I as a parent appreciate that; thank you! On the matter of my order; WOW!! Your sample was so much bigger than the last place I ordered I thought perhaps I bought it and had to check my receipt! The Sunset is awesome!! Didn’t really expect much since the last place I ordered from was a waste of time and money on their herbal products! WOW! yours really is good! As Arnold would say; “I’LL BE BACK!” Thanks again!

  2. skibum

    Received my order of Moonwalk today, was beginning to wonder about it. This time I used the standard shipping and didn’t get any sort of E-mail conformations as I did on my previous orders. No matter the Moonwalk is pretty good some of the best natural stuff I’ve come across. Smells almost great. By the way the Sunset was pretty good too. Plan on ordering more in the future.

  3. melodyc

    I have just received my order of Sunset and i liked the calming smoke. but i was wondering if you could recommend your best flower and herbal blend so i can make another purchase as soon as possible.

  4. mrs.smith

    Hi, I received my order today, that was fast! Thanks so much for the free Sunset (it looks like a lot)! I can’t wait to try everything. Have a great day!

  5. Henry1963

    Awesome Flower! I enjoyed the Sunset so I figured I would try a couple more blends.

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