Yerba Zen™ Herbal Smoke and Spicy Tea

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Yerba Zen™ is a blend of premium, hand-processed, Artemisia Capillaris leaf and sprouts. Artemisia Capillaris is a member of the mugwort family that has a long history as a medicinal herb.


Tea: Unlike its relative “mugwort” (which is a slightly bitter tea), Yerba Zen™ is a smooth, good-tasting tea and displays no noticeable bitterness. It actually has an interesting, spicy flavor.
For the best results as tea, use 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of Yerba Zen™ per boiling cup of water.

Smoke: Yerba Zen™ is a relaxing and, for some people, mildly invigorating smoke. Due to the fluffy consistency of Yerba Zen™, it is challenging to roll and mix with other herbs. However, many people do find the results of blending Yerba Zen™ with other herbs to be enjoyable.


Artemisia Capillaris has a 2,000-year history of use in Chinese herbal medicine. Said to be beneficial in relieving fevers and cleansing the liver. Modern research has “supposedly” confirmed that the plant has a tonic and strengthening effect upon the liver, gallbladder and entire digestive system. It is also said to “possibly” be helpful in relieving dizziness, symptoms of the common cold, nausea, loss of appetite and headaches. More scientific study and research is needed.

In recent history, Artemisia Capillaris has become a popular ingredient in herbal smoking blends.

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  1. wildbeard

    I like this stuff then tobaco

  2. daman2343

    This as herbal tea is the best common cold cure tell everyone!!

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